The film production company from Zurich Switzerland

SKYCIN Studios is an association that specializes in the production of digital media. As a film agency, we realize event films, tourism films and social media videos, from pre-production to the finished film.
SKYCIN Studios Filmproduktion Agentur


We discovered our passion for film and photo early on. Starting with simple cameras and a small budget, we created event films and took suitable photos. So we founded the association SKYCIN Studios to promote interested parties in the field of visual media and to practice our hobby.
SKYCIN Studios Filmproduktion - Imagefilme Agentur


We have specialized in the production of digital media and our goal is to achieve the best possible every day and to give you a video that will inspire you. With our concept, the customer is on the front line and we keep turning until he is satisfied with the end product.
SKYCIN Studios Filmproduktion Eventfilm BTS


With every production we try to bring in our own style. Why? This makes your film special and stands out from the crowd. Be it the point of view, the creativity, the colors or the cut, at SKYCIN Studios you get your own film according to your ideas.

– Concept / planning
– Crew & equipment
– Location scouting

– Event / after movies
– Image films
– Corporate films
– Commercials
– industrial films
– Tourism films
– Aerial photography

– color correction
– video editing
– CGI / FX
– sound editing

– 2x film cameras
– 2x photo camera
– Various drones
– Lenses, light, etc.
– Accessories, monitors, gimbal


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